Growing Seed, a social welfare organization established in 2011 with the aspiration to influence society in a positive manner. Initially, it was formed by a bunch of school students who, during their vacation days, thought to do something for the society. Since then Growing Seed Organization has been working continuously for the betterment of the environment as well as for the people. We believe in dynamic and youthful work culture, and our working field is diverse, ranging from medical awareness to agriculture and farmer’s development, from conciliation of scientific temper to nurturing of local culture, tradition, and literature. Our core committee members are youth professionals from assorted professional backgrounds. This resourcefulness and diversity have enabled us to rise as one of the youngest yet highly active non-governmental social welfare organization of Tripura. We, as a welfare organization, believe in selfless contributions and consider sky as the only limit. We hope that one day our regional dream will become a national one and we shall able to serve the whole country.


It was 2011. Some school going students after their HS examination decided to do something; something which will help society a little bit. So they started to the group and named it “Growing Seed”, the seed which will eventually grow and will become a large tree. Initially, they started doing small social awareness programme, progressive and scientific thinking campaign to curb prejudices and superstition. Later started incorporating more and more things, including free medical camps, blood donation camps, helping needy students and children as well as cultural activities. It was a transition period when people were moving from books and print media to social media. The practice of culture and literature were taking back seat. So the Growing Seed started publishing their yearly cultural magazine named ‘” Uttaran” to motivate the young generation toward creative writing and literature. Within a short period, the Growing Seed organisation became very popular in Tripura due to their unorthodox approach toward change. Being a very dynamic organisation; Growing Seed has many stark differences with conventional non governmental organisations even though it’s a registered social organisation (registered under society registration act 1860). Currently, Growing Seed has many satellite enterprises ranging from Agriculture to Health care; literature to entrepreneurship development. The secret behind the success of Growing Seed organisation is that it does not believe in social limits and always venturing out for new and innovative approaches to help the society.


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