About the Program

How should science should be taught in elementary and primary schools? What level of accessibility to scientific instruments does a fifth-grade student residing on the remotest part of India has? Is the printed picture on textbook good enough to reveal the wow factor of science to the blooming student? Can a simple microscope can bring out the next Dr. Kalam from the remote part of India? What if we introduce the cutting-edge scientific tools to explore science to the kids?

The ANWESHAN initiative is based on the above-mentioned questions. We observed that (including ourselves; the usual back benchers of school!) many students in early stage lose their interest on science just because they find the science on textbook (and also the still images) are quite boring and not interesting enough. A live lactobacillus or fungi colony looks much better under a microscope than a simple textbook image! An arrangement of cells; the extraordinary art of nature is fascinating when we experience it by ourselves. But here comes the issue; a student from government run average schools from a remote corner have no access to this experience until he reaches 10th or eleventh standard or may be never during his entire school life.


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