Some of our recent research and development activities

  • Introduction of Malaysian Coconut Dwarf Plant at Unakoti District of Tripura. (COMPLETED)
  • Introduction of Narendra Shivani bottle gaurd in North Tripura. (COMPLETED)
  • Evolution of Different Rice Germplasms For Better Yield in North Tripura Condition. (ON GOING)
  • Integrated and Participatory Water Harvesting Approach Based Multiple Cropping: Model, Objective and Advantage. (COMPLETED)
  • Survey on ethnobotanical indigenous medicinal plants used by people of North Tripura District in India. (ON GOING)
  • Study on the total pest population present in aman paddy at North Tripura in respect to their economic threshold level (ETL) status. (COMPLETED)
  • Grain and Cooking Quality Analysis of Some Indigenous Aromatic and Non-Aromatic Cultivated Rice Germplasms (Oryza Sativa L.) of Tripura Based on DUS (Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability) Descriptors. (COMPLETED)
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer preparation during extreme crisis to combat against COVID 19.
  • Introduction of tropical apple in Unakoti district. (ON GOING)

What We Do

Scientific & Industrial Research

Growing Seed Research and Development wing (GSR&D) is one of the core wings of the Growing Seed organization. The wing was made as an amalgamation of recent scientific advances with a social welfare program. The wing is continuously growing and capturing multiple dimensions of research and development. GSR&D itself conducts research as well as collaborates with other esteemed research bodies to dissimilate their finding in society in Realtime basis. Currently, our research activity is focused (not limited to) on Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, ecological sustainability, and public awareness. Our research activity is driven by real-world scenario and local conditions.

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