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As no social welfare organization can steer to the path of sustained development without proper and experienced mentorship, Growing Seed Organization seek guidance and mentorship from the nationally and internationally renewed personalities who can guide us by their vast knowledge and experience of the relevant field. In general (not limited to), a person with more than 15+ years of experience in nation-building, research, development, education, management etc with immense national and international recognition will be requested to guide us. In this regard, Growing Seed is trying to establish a “two-way approach” to seek guidance from such expert persons. The two-way approach translates to either Growing Seed will communicate with the expert persons or the person themselves can voluntarily approach us with an intention to serve the society from the very ground level.
On a side note, Growing Seed will also seek valuable advice and guidance from persons who do not fall within the academia-research-development-management group mentioned above; however, an expert in their relevant profession (expertise of 30+ years) who can provide us with distinctive expertise they have earned from their work life. The person can be anybody and any profession- as Growing Seed believes that we have something new to learn from everybody.

If any
Graduation onwards
Including specalization, career, previous work details, awards, recognation etc.
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